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Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! Did anyone take advantage of the President’s Day sales this weekend? I found a lot of good deals on everything from mattresses to clothes. My favorite was looking at the Louboutin sale on What’s Tradesy? Well I am so glad you asked! Today’s post is my official review of Tradesy! I have purchased and sold items on this site and really wanted to share my insights. Enjoy!

Tradesy Review-

What is Tradesy

Tradesy was originally a concept that founder, Tracy DiNunzio, thought of many years ago. After she realized her closet was full of things she never used and no longer fit, she wanted a place where misfit and unused clothes could find a good home. She then set out to design Tradesy, which connects women’s closets so they could buy and sell both used and brand new clothing to one another.  On October 24th, 2012, Tradesy officially launched.  Millions of customers world wide use Tradesy and it continues to change the way people buy and sell fashion. They hope that every product will have five owners in it’s lifetime. Their mission is to “bring trust and fairness to fashion, making great style affordable and accessible to everyone.”

How it Works

Tradesy Review-

Tradesy Review-

My Closet

All you have to do is answer a few questions about the item, take a few pictures and list a price. They even give you a price recommendation on the item which is super helpful. It really only takes a few minutes to list an item. Remember that the shipping price is factored in the cost so what the buyer sees is different.

As you can see from my Tradesy online store I am little by little starting to list many different pieces in my closet.  Whether it is dresses I wore once to a wedding/formal, clothes that just don’t fit anymore or just items that are not my style, they are all getting listed. Currently I have 26 pieces including shoes and purses. Will everything I have listed sell? Probably not, but it is a great concept to make a few extra dollars before donating these items, especially your higher end items. They even have a wedding section now!

Tradesy Review-


Once you make a sale you are notified, via email, and can choose to print a label, get a shipping kit or pay for your own shipping. When I got my first sale I actually thought they would automatically ship my kit, I was wrong. Luckily after a few days I realized I had to choose. By that time, I didn’t want to loose the sale so I just printed my label, packed up the item and dropped it off at USPS. Way easier than I thought it would be!

Tradesy Review-


You can use a credit card, your PayPal account or you can even finance more expensive items! Here are just a few items that I have purchased recently.

Tradesy Review-

Returns are Easy

Returns are super easy! With that said, the Louis Vuitton, pictured above, was actually returned. After receiving my item in the mail, I realized there were a few discrepencies and it was not exactly what the listing stated. It had a blemish that wasn’t disclosed and last minute the seller mentioned that the lock all of a sudden wasn’t included…It was very sketchy to me and I was not happy with my purchase.

All I had to do was go onto my account, explain the situation and no questions asked returned my items via mail and got an automatic refund into my PayPal account. Tradesy doesn’t mess around with bullshit sellers and for that, we thank you!


You can also earn $10 for every friend that makes their first purchase! Easy way to rack up some extra cash!

Tradesy Review-

All in all I am obsessed with Tradesy! I think the concept is genius and it is a great way to buy and sell clothes. It is easy and safe!

I highly recommend using Tradesy to buy and sell your clothing!

And don’t forget to check out my closet! I am willing to negotiate and do package deals:)






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