Thirsty Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

St. Patricks Day Cocktails -

T- minus 5 days until St. Patrick’s day!

Time to go through you Patty’s Day checklist: Something green, red hair, drinking shoes and a fun attitude- check, check and check! If you are not feeling the bar crawl crowd and opt to have a St. Patty’s day in, here are some cocktails to keep your green theme going. If all else fails, just keep some green food coloring handy to make your vodka tonic a  Leprechaun Vodka Tonic!

Sparkling Shamrock

FormalFringe is a a great spot for all things DIY so it’s no surprise that there was a killer St.Patrick’s day recipe featured. I’ll drink to champagne any day, but add green and you have yourself a classy St.Patty’s day event. Get the recipe here: Sparkling Shamrock

 Sour Green Apple Jalapeno Margarita

A great green drink that will also get you ready for summer! Bravo Heather Christo! Get the recipe here:

Honey Irish Mojito

 I am still on my honey kick, so this recipe looks especially delicious! Get the recipe at OneMartini


 Sacred Silence

With a name like Sacred Silence, I wish I could give these away to the annoying drunks at the bar who never stop talking. Think it will shut them up? Delicious either way, get the recipe at

Salty Monk

This cocktail is creative and a perfect drink for anyone who fairs towards less sweet cocktails. Ready to have your mid blown? It has celery juice in it! Get this recipe going in your kitchen! msecancook

 Shamrock Bellini

This drink is such a perfect combination of wine and peach, we will let is pass for not being green. Get your drink on with this recipe and more at

Leprechaun Juice

If you have not checked out the great recipes and ideas at Tastefully Frugal, you are missing out! This drink is perfect for the cider drinkers who also want to get in on the St.Patty’s day beer action. Find the recipe and other Frugal recipes here: Leprechaun Juice.

Spiked Shamrock Shake

You know you were thinking it, now learn how to make it! Everyday Dishes has got you covered!

Zucchini & Sea Salt Vodka Soda

Mad props to Rachael White at Set The Table for making a cocktail look tasty and healthy! Zucchini, in a cocktail, that’s just plain wizardry. I dig it.  Make it here: Zucchini & Sea Salt Vodka Soda

Muddle Free Mojito

Mojito’s will be your savior if you have nothing else green. Carry one of these all night and you won’t get pinched! Check out this classic recipe at A Practical Wedding.

Stay Safe this holiday!

By Bianca


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