Thirsty Thursday- Glow in the Dark Drinks

Did you know that tonic water glows under black light? What a unique way to ring in the New Year with glow in the dark cocktails. Here are 5 recipes that will make for the perfect NYE cocktail!

Aurora jungle juice:

When you put this concoction in front of natural light, it appears pink, then when you add some black light it gives it a high intensity color similar to the Northern Lights. Talk about an impressive cocktail!

Radio Active Jello Shots:

What an impressive way to show off your killer jello shots, and watch the ball fall together!

Green Scorpian:

This is perfect for new years but also would make for a fun Halloween drink.

Glow in the Dark Apple Cider:

Delicious and looks fancy. Great cocktail choice for a chilly New Years Day celebration!

Disney Glow Tini:

For all of us little princesses out there that want a girlie cocktial




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