Thirsty Thursday – Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Cocktails -

Happy Thursday everyone! I know some of you can already use a drink…or three. The holidays are coming up soon and something that really saves me from going crazy is spiked coffee. A little coffee and Bailey’s is the perfect post-meal treat around the holidays. Since there are so many ways to spike coffee, I thought I would showcase some delicious and unique ways to enjoy a coffee cocktail.

Bourbon Pecan Coffee Cocktail

Coffee Cocktails -

How delicious does this look! I was not surprised to find this great drink at the blog, since that store has such unique items.

Hubers Iced Spanish Coffee Cocktail

Coffee Cocktails -

This drink is a little more cocktail than it is coffee, so be ready to feel a little buzz after.  But it’s still easy to make and very easy to enjoy.

Gin Lavender Lattes

Coffee Cocktails -

Shout out to The Effortless Chic for making this little lady like drink look so flavorful. Also her espresso machine looks awesome…I drooled over it. Also the recipe uses almond milk!

Espresso Martini

Coffee Cocktails -

Espresso martini is a classic coffee and alcohol combination, so I had to go to a culinary classic for the best recipe. Jamie Oliver calls this “a sophisticated little devil” and I have to agree. Tastes like coffee, gets you drunk like booze. Get the recipe at Jamie

Roasted Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail Shake

Coffee Cocktails -

Yeah I know that picture made you think of some delicious caramel popcorn, or was that just me? I like when I can sneak in marshmallow flavor in dessert and drinks. This is a great drink for fall because it uses caramel and coffee.

Spiked Thai Iced Coffee

Coffee Cocktails - Grabbinglapels.comLast but not least, a classic spiked coffee with a twist. Cardamom and amaretto really make this unique, not like a typical cold coffee with kahlua.

Hope some of these recipes help get you through the holidays!

By Bianca


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