Preparing for Sweden

As you may know, from previous posts, I have never been to Europe. With a close friend’s wedding being there this year, my mom and I decided it would be a one in a lifetime experience to not only travel there for the wedding but also make a fun girls trip together!

Step 1 Word of Mouth

Preparing for Sweden was stressful, I’ll be honest. I think partially because I am so busy this fall with work, weddings and of course the day in and day out of life in general BUT my mom is a worry wart! I was lucky to have a sorority sister who just visited Sweden a couple months ago so we met for dinner one night and she gave me a heads up and the ins and out of what we can expect and what we need to prepare for.

Step 2 Use your resources

Even though I got the ins and out from my sorority sister, Steph, I still did my research on museums, tourist attractions, popular restaurants and of course hotels. After doing research and narrowing down which tourist attractions we were interested in I chose the hotel that would work best for us. That would be Lilla Radmannen for the first 3 nights because we planned on being in the city of Stockholm for most of our trip.

Step 3 Check Research

Check the Weather

I checked the weather leading up to the trip. Months before, weeks before and then of course a few days before so I knew what to expect and what to pack.

European Outlets

Great to know what plugs you needed such as a Converter and Surge Protector. Buy Correct plugs on Amazon so you are able to use your electronics and don’t overload the fixtures in the hotel.

Phone Plan

I got the ATT Silver Passport plan which was $60 for 30 days of unlimited texting and then a set data and calling plan. This means I could at least navigate through the country and not feel like I am lost as well as keep in touch with my boyfriend and my dad.

Airport Travel

It is great to know that you can take the train into Stockholm right after getting in to the airport. It is super cheap and is super fast. Only 20 mins to take the Arlanda Express from airport to Stockholm

English Speaking

Did my research and learned from my friend that 99% of people in Sweden can speak English so this makes it much easier and less stressful when traveling. You can feel reassured you can ask for directions or even to use the bathroom!

Step 4 Make Packing list

Since the weather is 50’s-60’s I planned on layering my clothes. I also tried my best to pack light so that I wouldn’t have to struggle with my bag. With that said, I still had an extra 40 lbs after packing so I added a few extra items, just in case. Worst case scenario we can buy it in Sweden if we need it.

Also, learned that most of the streets and sidewalks are made of cobblestone so best to not wear spiked heels!

Step 5 Make Copies/Prepare/Keep Safe

Since we were going out of the country you have to be smart! Making copies of your passport is a great idea! Heaven for bid you loose it or it gets stolen you have a B plan to get back into the United States.

Stay tuned for what my trip has to offer in the next week:)





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