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Typing in small fishbowl of an office was where we had both reached the top of the ladder. The view from the top was less than satisfying. Clicking over mindless ads and reviewing lists to no end, we both realized we were so much more than that. So much more than an ungoldy morning commute and definitely so much more than some pony-tailed freak talking down to us. It was at this mundane job that we both realized how much we were missing out by not doing the things we loved. What was worse is we were clearly not who we were supposed to be. Determined twenty somethings not ready to settle. We quit or jobs on the same day and started planning. It took months of lunch, coffee and cocktail breaks to realize we both had the same goals. To be successful as our very own selves, but overall be doing something that makes us happy. Writing fiction, fashion and most of all live events, were a few things we craved to have apart of our life resume. For as many times we agree on something, we disagree on everything else. While we saw each other struggle, we helped each other succeed. All the while grabbing life by the lapels.

Were not perfect. Were not totally successful yet. We have friends our own age who still drive their mom’s old Honda and other friends who drive a new Mercedes. Were right there in the middle.

Were not struggling with it, but were not owning it, not yet at least.

Stay Tuned….

– Bianca & Brittany


  • Rebecca Bruno - Congratulations on the launch of your blog. I’m excited to see what you have accomplished and look forward to the future of “Grabbing Lapels”. I’m proud of both of you!ReplyCancel

  • Lorna - Nice job ladies great content.ReplyCancel

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