Gifts for your Boss

Gifts for your Boss-

If you are lucky, you like your boss. Maybe you have worked together for years, or you appreciate them turning a blind eye when you walk in late on Monday. Regardless, your boss is worth a small gift this holiday season. Even if you hate your boss’s guts and you are just feeling the genuine love of the holiday gift giving season. Here are some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank!


Female Boss Ideas:

Gifts for your Boss-

1. Engraved Boss Lady Plaque– show some respect to that girl boss with this engraved plaque 2. Calendar– it’s very lady like to be a good planner with this beautiful calendar 3. Bow Pen– have your boss be fashionable with this bow pen 4. Tea Infuser– she will thank you for some quality tea time with this adorable sloth tea infuser 5. Champagne Soap– she will feel luxurious with this delicious soap

Male Boss Ideas:

Gifts for your Boss-

  1. Everything Bagle & Cream Cheese Kit– his mouth will be watering for breakfast time 2. Desktop Basketball– what man doesn’t like to be distracted by sports? 3. Swell Wood Water Bottle– perfect for the boss always on the go 4. Paper Roll Holder– help your boss keep organized with this paper roll holder 5. Leather Coffee Sleeve– even his coffee can look ruggedly good in the morning

Unisex Ideas:

Gifts for your Boss-

 1.Cozy Warm Merry Tea– this tea sounds and looks like it would be merry 2. Boticario De Havana Diffuser– even if your boss isn’t smelly this is a great gift for any boss 3. Power Pack– the boss that is always working will appreciate this 4. Custom Stamp– very personal gift that your boss will cherish for years to come 5. Mini USB Power Strip– perfect for the boss that is constantly multi-tasking.

AND if none of these gifts are a fit for your boss, when it doubt just buy a bottle of wine and call it a day:)





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