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Woo Girl’s Summer Don’t List

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! It’s your girl Bryndle and I know like most of you basic’s I amView full post »

Woo Girl Answers Job Interview Questions

What up guys it’s your girl Bryndle. It’s been the worst month of my life. Literally the worst ever. TheView full post »

Woo Girl Quits

Are you really late if it’s the monday after daylight savings? I think there is a pass on that. No one can be atView full post »

Woo Girls How to Handle the Holidays

Hey everyone, it’s your girl Bryndle and everything sucks. I’m sorry. I know it’s supposed to be theView full post »

Woo Girls Favorite Things About Fall

Hey guys, it’s your girl Bryndle. As you know it’s faller out (Fall/Winter) and as much as I love fall, IView full post »

Woo Girl’s 20 Things

Hey ladies, it’s your girl Bryndle. It’s been a while since I hashed out some life advice and so I wantedView full post »

Woo Girl Gets Puck Faced

Bryndle braced herself as she stepped onto the ice. A short red-carpet leading to center ice looked safe enough,View full post »

Woo Girl Wants to Date a DJ

“I decided I’m going to date a DJ” The table falls silent as the girls wait for Bryndle to elaborate. The glasses clangView full post »

Woo Girl’s Not so Thankful Thanksgiving

Dj Knuckle BLT was on the one’s and two’s. He pressed play for a few retro dance songs and played back some repetitiveView full post »

Woo Girl Starts a Facebook War – Part 1

3 p.m on a Sunday and the girls were late for brunch. Technically they were all late for brunch but Asia knew theView full post »

Woo Girl Babysits

Bryndle rushed home after work, excited about the evening ahead. Asia got concert tickets for her and Lily. She hadView full post »

Woo Girl Hates The Gym

“Yo you coming over tonight? My roommate made a bunch of food. Like fresh stuff. She’s all into thatView full post »

Woo Girl Does a Cleanse

It was basically the worst day ever. Bryndle was late for work, late on her period and feeling disgustingly gassy.View full post »