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Brie & Artichoke Soup

Soups on! I could really eat soup all year round, but there is nothing like a hot bowl of soup on a cold day. Since weView full post »

Thirsty Thursday- Glow in the Dark Drinks

Did you know that tonic water glows under black light? What a unique way to ring in the New Year with glow in the darkView full post »

Gingerbread Cocktail Roundup

Countdown time. Christmas is days away and I know you already have your shopping done…right? For me now all IView full post »

Thirsty Thursday- Candy Cane Cocktails

Yes, candy cane cocktails! Say that three times fast Candy canes are the candy of Christmas and I figured why not addView full post »

National Baklava Day

Baklava is by far my favorite dessert in the entire world! If you don’t know what Baklava is shame on you!View full post »

Thirsty Thursday – Coffee Cocktails

Happy Thursday everyone! I know some of you can already use a drink…or three. The holidays are coming up soonView full post »

Sweden Trip Review- Stockholm

Flying through SAS, going to Sweden, was very relaxing. The food was actually really delicious as well! Since IView full post »

Thirsty Thursday- Chicago Cubs World Series Inspired Cocktails

Even though I am a White Sox fan, I think it is only right to give a little honor to the Chicago Cubs for winning theView full post »

Spider Green Chicken & Potatoes

On my travels I ate a lot fo really unique dishes. I tried to gain as much knowledge as I could and apply it to mealsView full post »

Sweden Trip- Best Restaurants and Bars in Stockholm

As you may know, my mom and I recently went to Sweden for a friend’s wedding! We decided to make the trip a miniView full post »

Perfectly Perfect Stuffed Chicken Breast

I cook a lot of chicken you guys. It’s the only meat I really make at home for dinner. My boyfriend jokes he’s goingView full post »

Thirsty Thursday- Swedish Alcohol

Preparing for a trip also means you need to prepare for what you plan on eating and drinking! With that said, I didView full post »

Thirsty Thursday – Ice Cream Cone Shots

Going back to being a kid, ice cream is all about the crunchy waffle cone, chocolate fudge and of course the colorfulView full post »

Harvest Turkey Orecchiette

It’s officially that odd time of year when it’s not quite fall and not quite summer. Its sall, or fummer. It’s hot asView full post »

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails

In honor of National Beer Lover’s Day, yesterday I wanted to compile a few beer cocktails that will help us getView full post »

Thirsty Thursday – Coconut Blackberry Smoothie

You know there is no secret to making a good smoothie? It really depends on what you prefer for flavors and texture. AView full post »

Thirsty Thursday- National Whiskey Sour Day

The whiskey sour is a classic cocktail that balances sweet and tart flavors together. Making a whiskey sour is easy andView full post »

Golden Medal Cocktails

We only have a few more days of Olympics to watch you guys! Anyone else caught that Olympic fever? I know a few peopleView full post »

Summer Belongs to the Blueberry

I’ll go ahead and put it out there now, if you are allergic to blueberries. Go ahead and skip todays post, might IView full post »

Tasty Thursday- Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

It is always hard for me to have the time to go shopping for fresh produce. Finding recipes that make sense for twoView full post »

Screen Door Restaurant Review

As you all know I recently visited my family in Oregon this past week and was able to enjoy the weirdness of PortlandView full post »

National Watermelon Day

Yesterday was National Watermelon Day and if you have not had any watermelon flavored drink this summer, I am veryView full post »

Green Tea Zucchini Bread

How funny is it that I created this post, and just today I had a Facebook reminder from exactly one year ago when IView full post »

Mango Cocktail Round Up

I don’t want to alarm you guys but next week is August. Yeah, the last month of summer. So please, do yourself a favorView full post »