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Brie & Artichoke Soup

Soups on! I could really eat soup all year round, but there is nothing like a hot bowl of soup on a cold day. Since weView full post »

Monaco and Monte Carlo

So I’ve taken you through Barcelona and into the French Riviera and now it’s time for a stop in Monaco!View full post »

Gingerbread Cocktail Roundup

Countdown time. Christmas is days away and I know you already have your shopping done…right? For me now all IView full post »

Style of the Week – Black and Tan

Happy Wednesday Everyone! We are so close to Christmas and I have not done any shopping. I’m an online shopperView full post »

Why We Need a Female President

Before you get all riled up, this is not a political post. When I was growing up, I was always a tomboy. I likedView full post »

Style of the Week – Black and Blue

Happy Hump Day everyone! The week after Thanksgiving seems to move like a snail. Maybe it’s because weView full post »

French Riviera Trip

Bonjour! Happy Tuesday and almost Thanksgiving! One thing I am so thankful for is the amazing 14 day trip IView full post »

Style of the Week – Black Bow

I’d love to turn this week’s Style of the Week into a political statement, like I am in mourningView full post »

Thirsty Thursday – Coffee Cocktails

Happy Thursday everyone! I know some of you can already use a drink…or three. The holidays are coming up soonView full post »

It’s Election Day 2016!

Today is the day everyone! It’s Election Day, time to cast your ballot and hope it makes a difference. I always feelView full post »

Bianca’s Barcelona Recap

Hey Guys! Happy Hump Day! I am starting to piece together my trip so I can give a full recap on my adventures.View full post »

Spider Green Chicken & Potatoes

On my travels I ate a lot fo really unique dishes. I tried to gain as much knowledge as I could and apply it to mealsView full post »

Views from Spain, France and Italy

The month of world travel has come to an end, and Britt and I are so excited to share our details with you! For theView full post »

Perfectly Perfect Stuffed Chicken Breast

I cook a lot of chicken you guys. It’s the only meat I really make at home for dinner. My boyfriend jokes he’s goingView full post »

Style of the Week – Tourist Style

If I had to describe the bulk of my wardrobe, it would be monochromatic. And if I wanted to be more specific itView full post »

Style of the Week – Workday Wardrobe

Do you know how easy it is to create a polished work day look? All you need is a long-sleeved oxford shirt and a slimView full post »

This is 30

I know what I am supposed to do. I am supposed to give you a long list of things we should all know by the time we areView full post »

Test Run of a Bullet Journal

Who has a lot going on in their life? Raise your hand. Ok put your hand down, because you are probably at work andView full post »

Style of the Week – Pixie Pants

So I am getting ready for a pretty amazing trip in October. It’s only 15 days away so I have been planning myView full post »

I’m Bad at Being in a Relationship

            I’ve always kind of known I was bad at being in a relationship in the past. Mainly because I was inView full post »

Harvest Turkey Orecchiette

It’s officially that odd time of year when it’s not quite fall and not quite summer. Its sall, or fummer. It’s hot asView full post »

Poshmark review

Happy Tuesday, I already made $12 this morning! Not a lot but it’s enough for lunch. I sold an item on Poshmark lastView full post »

Style of the Week – Scarf & Skirt

I know it’s still technically summertime but I rock the scarves all year long. I love scarves for all seasons becauseView full post »

Thirsty Thursday – Coconut Blackberry Smoothie

You know there is no secret to making a good smoothie? It really depends on what you prefer for flavors and texture. AView full post »