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B Vs. B Our Favorite Gadgets

It’s officially Holiday shopping season! So you made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you stillView full post »

Grabbing Lapels Girl’s Costumes 2016

As you know we both LOVE Halloween and enjoy dressing up. Every year is different but regardless the year, we alwaysView full post »

B Vs. B -Last 5 Things We Bought on Amazon

Like most millenials we want things fast and simple. It’s no wonder Britt and Bianca love to use Amazon PrimeView full post »

Preview of October Travels

Bianca’s Upcoming Travels to Spain, France & Italy Clockwise from top left Monaco, Barcelona, Florence,View full post »

B vs B – What We Miss about College

Happy Friday adults! Look at you, driving to work, paying bills, being a big kid! It sucks right? And we are not inView full post »

B Vs B Every Day Hair Products

I’m sure by now in your twenties you have some go-to hair products you swear by. While new products come outView full post »

B vs. B Favorite Lipcolors

There is really a day for everything! It’s National Lipstick Day and whether you hate lipstick or love it, I amView full post »

B Vs. B Most Recent Amazon Purchases

Have you guys ever seen those articles on Buzzfeed called This is What People are Buying on Amazon RightView full post »

What our Mother’s Taught us

We do not give our mom’s enough credit for what they have taught us. A lot of who we have become is because ofView full post »

Twenty-Somethings Writing History

With it being National Woman’s History Month we figured we would focus on twenty-something women who areView full post »

B vs B – 5 Beauty Products we Discovered in 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I am sure we all have two things in common today, we all think Monday totally sucks and we usedView full post »

B vs B – 1, 2, 3’s of Beauty

This week’s B vs B is all about the clutter we keep in our beauty closet. While we filter out unused eyeView full post »

B vs B – Three Places To Visit

 It’s hard making a bucket list, let alone a list of things to do this year. We wanted to simplify our bucketView full post »

B vs. B – Makeup Basic Essentials

We all have different skin types, us included. Some of us need concealer, some are good with just a tintedView full post »

What’s Worth the Investment

Save or splurge? Long lasting or fast fading? Choosing the right items at the right price for everyday life can beView full post »

B Vs. B New Year’s Resolutions

Brittany’s Resolutions 1. Get back to a routine of going to the Gym   I actually have two gymView full post »

B Vs. B New Year’s Eve Plans

Brittany’s Plans For the third year in a row I am going up to the Boulder Junction with my boyfriend andView full post »

B Vs. B & Style of the Week- Holiday Attire

Brittany’s Christmas Attire This amazing polka dot black dress is actually from Jolly Chic and was only $27. TheView full post »

B vs B – Holiday Wishlist

Bianca’s Holiday Wishlist 1. White Stallion Photo by Mitch Mcfarlane Photos – I’m not a bigView full post »

B Vs. B What we are Thankful for

What Brittany is Thankful For: I am obviously first and foremost thankful for my parents for not only giving birth toView full post »

B VS. B Halloween Costume

Brittany’s Costume For the Halloween costume contest at work this year I decided to do some fun make-up again. IView full post »

B Vs. B- Halloween Movies

Top 3 Halloween Movies Halloween season is so amazing for so many reasons; the costumes, the candy and of course theView full post »

Brittany vs. Bianca – What’s In Our Cars?

Besides the usual spare napkins, empty water bottles and lost hoop earring, there are essentials everyone needs inView full post »

B. Vs. B – What our Tattoos mean

Brittany’s Tattoos: I got my first tattoo when I was  19 years old.  I went with my best friend, at the time,View full post »