Barbie Bachelorette Party Inspiration

Barbie is not only iconic, but embodies every woman in some way. Even though she seems to be professional and proper, she likes to let her hair down with her girlfriends and get buckwild. With that said, Barbie is also a fun theme for a Bachelorette party! Here are some ways to embody Barbie on your friend’s special night out!


Even though I believe that a Bachelorette Party invite should be electronic (via Facebook), this would be a cute idea for an invite! Nice Job SweetLex!

Bride’s Favors

You could either have the bride dress up in a tutu, dress like Malibu Barbie or wear these cute Barbie font “Bride” shirts and be more casual!

Don’t forget you could also have pink shoes or have the bride where a blonde wig!

Barbie Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Wig from Pinterest, Bride Sweatshirt from Etsy., Bride T-shirt Dentz Design from Etsy.,Heels from Pinterest

Bride’s Entourage/Party Favors

Barbie Shirts will make the Bride feel so powerful with all her girlies by her side all night!

Decorative glasses are a great gift for all the girls as well! Barbie would drink out of a pink sparkly martini glass, duh!


Odds are you are going to be going somewhere or celebrating at a bar/club most of the night so make it easy on yourself and have your decorations be simple yet versatile like these Barbie cups and plates!

Barbie Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

 Peacock Pink from Etsy.

If you want to do a cute snack table make it the focal point of the room!

You could also do Pink and Black balloons to keep with the color palette!


Oysters and Pearls nailed it on the head with this cake of sloppy Barbie enjoying her party with a bottle of vodka!

These treats would be delicious, simple and cute as well!

Signature Drink

Check out all these drinks we came up with that are inspired by Barbie and PERFECT for a Barbie themed Bachelorette party!

Also, you know Barbie would love to pop sparkly bottles of champagne so why not decorate those bottles!

Game Activities

You know what this game is…

You could reuse that Barbie Box photo box from the Bridal shower too! And have a Best Dressed award to the best dress/themed Barbie from the night.

Even a fashion show would be fun to show off your Barbie moves!

OR you could always drive in style, in a pink limo!!!




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