B Vs. B Our Favorite Gadgets

B Vs. B Our Favorite Gadgets- Grabbinglapels.com

It’s officially Holiday shopping season! So you made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you still need the perfect gift for the gadget lover in your life. There are so many new gadgets every year to chose from. I know the Amazon Echo is on the top of everyone’s list. But while we can take a crack at some new tools on the market, it’s sometimes best to look at the tried and true gadgets that have been on the market for a while.

The girls at Grabbing Lapels love anything that makes our lives easier and helps us do things better. Whether it’s in the kitchen or around the home, here are three of our favorite household gadgets.

Britt’s Choices:

Keurig Machine

B Vs. B Our Favorite Gadgets- Grabbinglapels.com

Every twenty-something runs on coffee. This Keurig pod system allows you to pop in a pod and brew at the press of a button. I bought mine online on Amazon and I use it every morning. It is perfect for the person that is on the go and wants to save a buck!

BAVISION Wifi IP Camera Wireless Home Security Camera

B Vs. B Our Favorite Gadgets- Grabbinglapels.com

This Wifi Camera allows you to monitor your home using your smartphone, tablet or PC. It is great for home security, watching your baby sleep or monitoring your dog while you are away (like me). It is connected to your home’s wireless internet so you can always see and hear what is going on. It even has speaker that you can talk through. Best part, it is affordable! Only $49.99 on Amazon.

Batter Dispenser

B Vs. B Our Favorite Gadgets- Grabbinglapels.com

Make baking easy with this batter dispenser. Just squeeze the handle and allow the batter to dispense controlled and without a mess. It is perfect for making pancakes and other baked goods. It is also portion controlled so you don’t have to struggle making sure all your items are evenly distributed. It even comes with a lifetime warranty which is even better!

Bianca’s Choices:

Single Serve Blender

Favorite Gadgets 2016 - Grabbinglapels.com
I have gone through a lot of these single serve blenders, well 3 to be exact. They always end up breaking but this one has been working for over a year now. The Bella 12 piece allows you to make a smoothie whenever you want without using a large blender. I use this a few times a week. I like to have a smoothie after the gym and my boyfriend likes them for lunch on the go. It comes with travel lids so all you have to do is add your ingredients, place on base to blend and take on your way.

Mini Kitchen Torch

Favorite Gadgets 2016 - Grabbinglapels.com

I got this as a gift second hand and never thought I would use it, but it really comes in handy! Anytime I want to add little burnt top on crispier crunch to food, I don’t have to place it in the broiler. I simply use this mini torch and done! It’s really great for desserts and cheese that need a little caramelization.

Apple Watch

Favorite Gadgets 2016 - Grabbinglapels.com

This was a gadget I never knew I needed until I got it. It syncs with everything on your iphone so you can check email, send text messages, even make phone calls. The best part is the activity tracker. It saves all my workouts and shows me which was my best time running, calories burned and things like that.


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