Altuzarra For Target Must or Bust?

Designers have been featuring limited edition lines of their clothes at lower end retail stores for years now. Most notably being Target and H&M.  I remember when H&M had their Versace line released. The store was a wreck and I didn’t get one item. Then Missoni featured clothes and home goods at Target. The same thing happened, everyone flocked and bought, except this time they sold it all online for a profit.

If you do that – rush to the opening of a designer premiere at popular, affordable retailer and then sell them on Ebay at a higher rate, you suck. You suck, no one likes you and you should find another means of supporting yourself.  I say that because there really are people who would cherish a designer item, especially at a discounted rate.

Anyway, when Missoni for Target came out, all I really wanted was a set of Missoni espresso cups. They were colorful with fun Missoni- style patterns. They were gone of course, and I could not even find them online fore a reasonable price. So when Prabal Gurung for Target made it’s debut, you better believe I was ready.

Target Designer Style

See those strappy yellow shoes? I snagged them (and then lost them). With Prabal Gurung there was not as much craziness at the store and I was able to get a pair of shoes for less than the original Target price!

So on to the Joseph Altuzarra limited edition line for Target. I arrived at my local Super Target at around 11 a.m. This store had previously sold Missoni and Prabal Gurung so I felt no need to check ahead to make sure. I arrived and no one knew who or what Altuzarra was. I finally spoke to the manager who said that the designer line was being sold at another Target less than 5 miles away. Ok, no big deal.

I get to the other Target location to see the less than satisfying Altuzarra stand, I guess you would call it, near the women’s section.

Its an indoor billboard of sorts with 6 racks. The top I had seen online and was hoping to get was sold out in my size. All that was left was an Extra-Large and an Extra-Small, neither of which fit me. The rest of the items, really didn’t hold my attention. There was a few snake print tops, a silky dress and black sleeveless top. I stood for a while, thinking,” this cannot be it!”

A few other girls passed through the Altuzarra area and were also upset. A few of the girls saying, “This is it?” “Well this is disappointing”

Now this was just the Target I went to. Perhaps it was more well stocked at others. But if you want to good stuff, the beautiful red velvet blazer and chic black maxi with the orchid print, shop online.

SIlk red dress In the store & online

Silk red dress In the store & online for $39.99

The red dress looked great. Very nice material and the belt had fringe on the ends not pictured online.

Blue Oxford with Orchid print in stores and online at

Blue Oxford with Orchid print in stores and online at for $34.99

This I was legit bummed about. Two sizes left one XL & on XS. Luckily there are more available online. It really it a great piece and the gold buttons pull it together nicely.

Black sheer top in-store and online at for $29.99

Black sheer top in-store and online at for $29.99

This one I was a little surprised by. It’s nice, but it seems like an item that Target would already sell by Mossimo or something.

Altuzarra Instore Target

Altuzarra for Target boots and top

I really liked the boots and I think they will sell no problem. The snake skin print I’m not so sure about. The material was light and cheap feeling and I was not crazy about the plain long sleeve crew neck design. My guess is it will end up on the sale rack come October.

Orchid print sweater

Orchid print sweater

I ended up getting the orchid sweater pictured above in the store. I love the print and silk material. Really looking forward to dressing this up and down. Bonus of buying in the store? I got some groceries too!

Altuzarra for Target Review at

Altuzarra for Target at

These are a few items I went online for afterwards. The over the knee boots on the far right are only $79.99!

All in all the line is really great and really blah. Here are my takeaways:

Walk, don’t run to your local Target. Chances are the items will still be there.

Call ahead and make sure your store carries Altuzarra.

Don’t expect a lot. Once the opening day is done, the items usually end up in rotation with the rest of the Target clothes after a week or so.

If all else fails, order online. Use your Target Card for 5% off and enjoy free shipping with purchases of $50.

By Bianca


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