Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration

An Aloha Tropical Themed Bachelorette party is all about making your guests feel like they are on a tropical getaway. Whether you decide to make it a relaxing day or sexy pool party, you want to make sure everything is colorful, has tons of florals and that the tropical drinks are ready for a sippin’! Here are some creative ways to make your Aloha Tropical Themed Bacheloretee Party one of a kind!

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Just like I said for the bridal party, the invitation sets the tone of the theme. Although, bachelorette parties are a lot less formal and usually the guests are more tech savvy to understand how to use a event website like or  Facebook message. Either way this option will save you money on ordering the invites and paying for postage.


All of these items are cute ways for your bride to be to stand out from the crowd at the beach or during a pool party!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Floral Romper, Bridal SashFruit Headband


These are all adorable ways to include all the guests to be part of the bride tribe! Keep with the nautical theme and everyone will help cause a scene wherever you go that evening!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Beach Please Tanks, Pineapple Bottle Opener, Bachelorette Sunglasses, Bride Tribe Glasses


Keep it simple, especially if you hosting your event on the water or in a pool. You don’t want to have to carry these decorations around as well as have to pack them up/load your care at the end of the day. Here are some simple options that go right along with the a tropical theme!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

DIY Pinapple coloring, Pineapple Decorations, Flamingo Pinata, Flamingo Candles, Flamingo Floatie


Keep it simple with treats for this theme! If you are either going to be on a boat or near the water, you won’t feel like cooking a buffet. Do the basics for a party: chips, dip, sweets. Here are some fun ideas!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Finger Food Ideas from boksomdaais, Delicious Flamingo Inspired sweets from


Sometimes it is just about DRESSING UP YOUR DRINKS! Like trying a cute flamingo straws or these hilarious half naked men that hang on your every word or in this case…your drink!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

At a venue where you can’t decorate much? Make your own tiki bar or try this idea out by using an inflatable bar like this one!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Tiki Bar, Inflatable Bar

Jello Shots are perfect for a pool party because nothing can spill and you don’t have to hold onto a drink all day long! Pina Colada Jello Shots, even better!


Pool Party: Rent a pool or take a trip to the beach. Even a trip to Las Vegas for a pool party would make the most epic party ever!

Aloha Tropical Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Photo Credits: Greenweddingshoes stylemepretty

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