Accepting Change

With it being my 5th time moving in 6 years, no matter how many moves, it is always bitter sweet. For someone who is rather good with change, moving always gets me rather emotional. When it fully sets in that I am moving, I become an emotional basket case. I think it is because it means there is a new future for me, a new step in life and will never ever have the same room, house or location. My commute will change, my lifestyle will change and of course it is another time for growth in anther direction.

Each time I move it is hard, but this time it will be by far the hardest move outside of moving out of my parents house. I will be selling my townhouse I worked so hard for and saved up my money for and be moving in officially with my boyfriend into his house. While it is a great move in the right direction for us it is also scary.

Home inspection was this past Sunday and it started to set in that I will be changing my life forever. This is the beginning to forever for my boyfriend and I as well as my life in general. Once I sell my townhouse and move in with him, this is it! It is only up from there, marriage, kids, retirement.

Looking back the many times I have moved over the years, the roommates, the room setups and the locations, I’ve realized moving is a hard change. Here are some things that I thought about this past week that help me with these types of changes and who knows, this mindset might help others.

  1. Change is an inevitable part of life.It is important to remember that change is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Accepting that is the first part of change. There is a reason why we call it history. Change happened, there was evolution and we developed.  Change is part of life and existence. Remember change will never end and becoming who you are will never change as well.  Accepting Change-
  2. Try to put change in perspective-  Change  can be overwhelming and make you an emotional wreck but having a positive mindset might put things into perspective for you. 
  3. Don’t live in fear of change- If you live in fear, it will eat you alive…trust me!
  4. Embrace your feelings- If you are sad, if you are mad, let it out. If you don’t zone into your feelings and get emotional you will just bottle it up and either explode or never get past the change. Let’s be honest you can only put on a happy face for so long and denial doesn’t combat those changes. If that means screaming into a  pillow and watching a sad movie or talking it out with someone do it. Everyone is different but whatever it takes do it!
  5. Be Optimistic-  Even though change can have a negative impact on your life, odds are there are at least one pro to the situation that is causing the change.Change can be good and lead to more open doors. It can expose you to new people, new places and of course new opportunity. It will give you a fresh way to look at a unique and complex decision. Change is needed to become a better person whether it is you as your role as a family member, friend, co-worker, teacher or leader. Ideally change means you are learning and growing from that change.
  6. Manage Stress- I don’t know about you but change can stress me the F out! If you are stressed by this proposed or happening change try to divert your stress to a stress reducing activity such as practicing yoga, exercising or staying busy with a hobby. Even go outside your box and try something new with trying a new hobby or potential interest. These tactics will take your mind off the change while finding self-fufillment. 
  7. Realize changes make you stronger person – Odds are you will learn something from the change that will make you stronger. This inner strength is important and will help you in your life and in the future. Accepting Change-
  8. Create Life Goals- Create a list that will help you move in the right direction of you life. If this change isn’t helping you  move in the right direction of what can you do to proactively, change it. Change the already changing atmosphere so you get what you want. New job, new man, new life style, new place. Whatever it takes for you to achieve your goals and make you number one again, do it!



Accepting life’s many changes can be scary and rather difficult. Just remember you are never alone. We all experience change day in and day out. We all struggle with it differently. Hopefully these perspectives and ideas will help you look at it and handle it differently moving forward. Because again, remember change will never end…




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