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  • Hello and welcome to Grabbing Lapels! We are Brittany and Bianca, the girls behind Grabbing Lapels. What is Grabbing Lapels? Well it all started with this quote:

    I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.
    -Maya Angelou

    Hope you enjoy Britt's weddings advice, Bianca's fictional character 'Woo Girl' and all of our reviews of stuff we love and places we go. Enjoy!

Bianca’s Upcoming Travels to Spain, France & Italy

Grabbinglapels travels - Europe

Clockwise from top left Monaco, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Nice

Like Britt, Bianca is taking a mom and daughter trip to Europe. Bianca and her mom are taking a 14 day trip across Spain, Southern France and Italy. The trip was done via Go Ahead Tours, so airfare, accomindations, some meals and museum expenses are all included in the price of the trip. We also have a personal tour guide and motor coach to move us from place to place. It all begins in Barcelona!

Can’t wait to have tapas in Spain and visit the famous La Sagrada Familia. They started building the church in 1882 and still have not completed it. We will see so much of Antoni Gaudi’s work, including the House of Bones. From Barcelona we will travel through Spain to the French Riviera! One place I have always dreamed of going to is Monaco, and we get two nights in Montpellier so we will be spending one of those in Monaco. Can’t wait to visit the Monte Carlo Casino! After Nice, France, we will move towards Italy. On the agenda are many excursions including a perfume factory, a food tour and lots of museums. In Florence we will visit the Basilica of Santa Croce, burial place of Michelangelo, Machiavellia and Galileo. In Rome, during our last days on the trip, my mom and I have lots to do. I am the most excited about going to the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and visiting the Galleria Borghese. The Borghese has been on my bucket list for a long time as it has some of the most amazing and ancient sculptures in the world. It’s also right next to our hotel! I am so beyond excited to start my trip, but I know I will never want it to end!

Britt’s Upcoming Travel to Sweden

Brittany will be going to Sweden, next week, for her friend’s wedding. It will also be a once in a life time mom and daughter trip, since it is both their first time to Europe. As you  know, tons of planning goes into a trip overseas so, we are ready for an overseas vacation.  We will be staying both in Stockholm for a few days and then in Sigtuna, for the actual wedding. We plan on site seeing, touring the historic towns/museums and of course eating and drinking a lot. Brittany is also very excited to do some high fashion shopping at couture European designer’s boutiques! Weather will actually be warmer than normal being 50-60 degrees so, hopefully she can pack light. Brittany is going to be layering her clothes throughout the day and ready to blog each and every moment of her trip ! Stay tuned for details of her trip and tips for traveling to Sweden!


Britt & Bianca



Style of the Week -

As you all know I am OBSESSED with saving money. Well this past weekend I hit the jackpot and snagged this sexy TMG New York gray body con dress for $8.99! Together with my Levity suede and leather peep toe heels the outfit cost me under $25. Now, of course I went over that $25 outfit by adding my Louis Vuitton bag from Tradesy, but aside from the purse, it is an amazingly priced outfit!

Style of the Week- $25 Outfit-

Not only is the dress super comfortable, but it is the perfect color! It goes well with my beige tan and black leather Levity heels and of course the kodiak brown and camel leather of the Louis Vuitton. The slits up the side are not too scandalous either because they come to the normal height of an above the knee dress.

Style of the Week- $25 Outfit-

 I also added my Forever 21 black beaded necklace to spice up the outfit a bit!

I got away with wearing this outfit to work, but I may also wear it to a more casual wedding. It would also be fun for a cocktail hour in the city, last minute dinner date with your man or a wine night with your girlfriends.

Style of the Week- $25 Outfit-

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Who has a lot going on in their life? Raise your hand. Ok put your hand down, because you are probably at work and don’t need to be raising you hand for no reason.

Lately, I’ve had a lot going on. With my job, no day is ever the same, and I like that. It can be a bit much when it comes to getting day to day tasks done. Like Brittany, I like to keep lists, but I am not so good at organizing them. Often times I jot down a note on a scrap of paper and stuff it with a few other notes. Not anymore.

I discovered something called bullet journals and have been doing it for a month. So far it has streamlined my work and has made me much more efficient. With my job, it is extremely important for me to not only take note of things we need to do, but things I have done. Part of my job is to report weekly on marketing efforts I have made. Marking these notes as well as the days they have been implemented in a bullet journal makes it easier for me to report on.

So what is a Bullet Journal? It’s basically a customizable organization system. It’s most easily identified by the use of bullet points, cells, numbering and dates.

Creating a bullet journal begins with the entire page on a sheet. Identify what the page is going to be, it can reflect that day, that week or even that month. It could even be about one topic or task.

Once you’ve identified the page, you can start making bullets. The bullets will serve as a list, and you can use different kinds of bullets to identify whether they are tasks, notes or reminders.

Here is an example of using various bullet points.

o Fill out expense report

– Collect receipts from 9/15/16 – 9/26/16

< Remind Tonya to fill out expense report

Use different marks to indicate whether your listing is a note, a task, a reminder, a task completed or something else. Just be sure to make a key so you know what special character means what.

You can also use things called signifiers like, ? ! * to indicate importance of a note.

The layout can be however you want, as long as it makes sense to you. For me, I use cells. In my work notebook, I take a ruler and draw a line down the center of the page and then horizontally on the middle of the page, creating 4 separate cells. I use the top left for my t0-do’s for the day. I use the bottom left for things I’ve accomplished. I use the top right for things to follow up on tomorrow and in the bottom right I jot down miscellaneous notes. In each cell I make bullet points for each item on the list. I do this every day and keep the cells the same, so I can easily reference yesterday and the day before.

Here is an example of how I use bullet journaling.

Bullet Jornaling -

The great thing about bullet journaling is that you can make it your own. While I was researching ways to keep a bullet journal, I saw some pretty extreme entries. From creating a cell for each to-do mark to marking the time of day for each day of the week on the axis.

Still not sure how to get started? I found a lot of great sites that give tutorials on creating a bullet journal. One was, obviously a great place to start with a name like that. It gives you a visual layout on creating a bullet journal. Then there is Tiny Ray of Sunshine which provides an in-depth look at how to create your journal. It also featured this helpful infographic.

Here’s a quick video on bullet journaling

Hope this help gets you organized!

By Bianca


We all get consumed with taking pictures of everything, “checking in”, updating our status and of course creeping on each other. It is really exhausting when you think about it! There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and a billion other social media platforms that you want to be involved in each and everyday. You also can’t forget to use apps and filters to have the  most creative and professional looking photos…even if it is of your cat eating a piece of pizza!

For us twenty-somethings social media has started to consume our lives! Let’s be serious when you look around at a concert everyone has their phones up taking pictures and videos…how can you enjoy a concert while looking through the screen of your phone?

Being a blogger is sometimes hard because I also want to live in the moment especially when we are writing a review on an event. Here are some ways I give myself a backbone so that I am not consumed as well as not overwhelmed by keeping up with social media!

Pick your platforms

For me it’s Facebook and Twitter. While I have snapchat and an instagram account I do not have the time to manage that while having a full time job, two part time jobs and co-managing this blog. I have to choose my platform and even then it’s exhausting to have to keep up on a daily basis!

Link Accounts

If you do not have time to post on each of your social media platforms, be like me and link your accounts together. You can either do that through Instagram or like myself I linked my Twitter to my Facebook Account. Not as personable but much more simplistic!

Cap yourself

When I go to an event I limit myself to when I will actually use my phone for taking pictures. I try to get pictures done right off the bat so I can enjoy the rest of night enjoying being in the moment and not worrying about anything else.


When I am eating dinner or doing something important I either turn off my phone completely or at least leave it in another room so I don’t feel obligated to check it or even think about it! I also enjoy traveling to places where I don’t have service so that I can’t do anything related to using social media platforms!

Don’t be consumed by social media and give yourself a little leeway! Remember you don’t want to be those annoying chicks at a concert or baseball game taking selfies or watching the action from behind their iPhone screen.




Going back to being a kid, ice cream is all about the crunchy waffle cone, chocolate fudge and of course the colorful sprinkles! Well you are an adult now so might as well add your favorite liquor to that ice cream recipe! Even though today is the first day of fall today is National Ice Cream Cone Day.  I thought it only fitting to show how you can design cocktails  made with Ice Cream Cones. But, first you obviously need to know how to jazz up your mini ice cream cone shot glass with Sugar and Cloth’s how to video. Here is how to make your mini ice cream cone shot glasses, the first step in making a tasty shooter!

How to Make Mini Ice Cream Cone Shot Glasses

For another alternative check out’s Recipe here!

Once you have your shot glass you can fill your mini ice cream cones with really any delicious shot recipe. Here were 5 that I thought would be mouth watering and perfect to pair with the mini ice cream cone!

Kahlua Ice Cream Shots

Kahlua with whip cream and a cherry on top, could life be any better?

Pinnacle Butter Pecan Shot

One of my favorite ice cream flavors is butter pecan so I found it only fitting that I would want this shot in my ice cream cone.

Drunken Affogato

This ones for the coffee lovers!

Cake and Ice Cream Shots

Who knew good old Betty Crocker could come up with a delicious ice cream shot! Now you just need to add the ice cream cone shot glass.

Birthday Cake Shot

Perfect for that birthday girl! Impress your guests during a party with this shot being poured into a cute and dainty ice cream cone!

For more boozy ice cream recipes click here!




Hanger FINAL

So I am getting ready for a pretty amazing trip in October. It’s only 15 days away so I have been planning my outfits for each day ahead of time. Since I want to be chic and comfortable, I had no doubt in my mind that slim pants and a blazer will be my go to look. I have a few leggings, tights and slim pants but I found a great new pair of pants perfect for work and travel. I am talking of course about the classic pixie pant. Pixie pants can be dressed up or down. My favorite look is with flats and a blazer.

Style of the Week - Pixie Pants-

For this look I stuck to a monochromatic style with all black and a tie neck blouse. This blazer is great it has leather cuffs and gold zippers. The pixie pants help keep it chic and the flats bring the comfort. Since I was wearing black and white, my dogs matched me perfectly so they got in the photo too.

I wore simple gold hoop earrings and a gold bracelet. The outfit is not about standing out, it’s about looking effortlessly chic. So no flashy jewelry. This look makes me feel like myself and it also makes me ready for fall. All I need is a pumpkin spiced latte and I am ready to rock!

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By Bianca


Doing Laundry All Wrong-

Technology has come a long way since our mother’s started doing laundry but just because we upgrade our washing machine to the newest and best machine it doesn’t always mean you have consistently clean laundry.

Recently, I have been doing laundry and realizing I am not that good at it, but really is anyone? I rush through it and expect the washer and dryer to do it’s job when really it is my responsibility. It is not the washer and dryer’s fault when my sweater shrinks nor is it the washer and dryer’s fault when the stain doesn’t come out in one wash…I am the one at fault!

So, I did some research and learned some cold hard facts about laundry and what we could switch about our laundry routine.  Here are some washing and drying mistakes we can easily fix before that next load of laundry!

Master Sorting

Even though we all hate it, it is important to sort but not by colors by wash temperature which you can find on the care label of each piece of clothing. Cold , warm and hot piles . Very few items should be washed in hot though which is a HUGE mistake I make! When you do it this way clothes will last longer and colors will look better.

Pre-Treat Stains

If you have a bad stain it is worth pre-treating but don’t rub the stain, dab it. You aren’t going to get that stain out with your own muscles, let the washer do it’s job and just pre-treat the stain.

Don’t Overload

Pretty self explanitory but we all do it. We try to fit three loads all in one to just be done with it. Your laundry will not get as clean as if you do it in smaller loads. It will also smell better if you use smaller loads!

Zip, Button and Take Care of Delicates

I always forget to zip up my jeans zippers, button my blouses, un-scrunch my socks and put my bras in BraBall. These are all very important so you items don’t get snagged, ripped or worn in the washer and dryer! Make sure socks are not scrunched up so that they can be properly cleaned!

Put in Clothes, then water, then soap

Mind blowing I know because we were all taught by our mothers to do water, soap then clothes, but times have changed and washers have become more efficient. Also, modern detergents are phosphate-free which is less  harmful to clothes the way the old formulas were when our mother’s taught us how to do laundry.

Don’t Skimp OR Use Too Much

Since most detergent is actually expensive, we all try to penny pinch and think since it is a quality brand that we don’t need as much as recommended on the back of the bottle – false! Being stingy and not using the recommended dosage will leave your clothes dirty and possibly make them dingy.

Complete opposite, my boyfriend always goes through a bottle of detergent WAY too fast! But he pays for it in the end because he has to do extra rinse cycles so that there is not excess build up on his clothing. In retrospect this uses more water than needed and really his clothes are no cleaner than if he used the recommended dosage.

Read Labels Before Using Cold Water

Even though cold water helps prevent shrinkage of your favorite skinny jeans or favorite cotton top, it may not help get your clothes that clean or the odors out. Make sure you reach the lables to get the best temperature for washing your items.


This is by far my biggest mistake! Don’t use bleach on white socks or underwear. The bleach actually eats away at the elastic and ruins your clothes! This would be why I constantly have to get new white socks.

Minimize Dryer Usage

I am one to just throw everything in the dryer and be done with my chores for the day. This is something that we all need to fix ASAP! Really we are cutting the life span of our clothes in half. Cotton clothes, that are known for shrinking, should be hung up on a hanger to dry, but hang it up inside out so you don’t get those annoying bumps in your shoulders. Also, jeans, even though it takes a long time for them to air dry they will fit better, fade less and will be better overall! Plus you will be saving energy bill and possibly air-conditioning usage if you air dry your clothes!

Safety First

Make sure you are always cleaning the lint trap for your dryer before every use. Not doing that can not only lead to dirtier, lint covered clothes but also house fires! Doing it is simple and a way to reduce risk within your home!





      I’ve always kind of known I was bad at being in a relationship in the past. Mainly because I was in relationships that I didn’t value very much. But now, I am in a relationship that matters and still…I’m bad at being in a relationship.
I’m not taking infidelity or abuse or anything borderline inappropriate related to your significant other. I mean I am just not good at it. Like driving stick shift. A lot of times we stay with manual. We know manual. It’s simple, it’s easy and it never changes. Stick shift, while some might find easy to use, we can never be as good as it as we are manual. We can get the best car on the planet, a classic beauty, but while we love and enjoy it, we still can’t get used to the stick shift.
I’ve been in a serious relationship for 6 years now (holy cow does that make me a grown up?) and still, I learn more about how to share your life with someone. My sister always said you need at least two years to really know someone, and now I see why. After six years, we finally had the talk. The talk some couples never even get to because they have bottled it all up and exploded on one another. The premise of the talk was this, what’s keeping us around and what’s giving us the idea to leave. It was as simple as that. We discussed why we don’t want to be with one another, and why we still are together.

        I’m not going to spill the beans on what was wrong and right in our relationship, but I will say, my inability to be a good partner came up. It was something I knew about myself, but never something that I thought would truly risk my relationship.
So why am I bad at being in a relationship? Well it’s complex and some of it is personal, but to sum it up, I am selfish. I care only about myself and my goals and my ideas. That’s different from not caring about someone. I care about my boyfriend’s well-being of course. I care about his health, his happiness and all that good happy bubbly stuff, but I really care about me. It’s like when Samantha told Richard on Sex & The City, “I love you, but I love me more.” Of course that was in reference to his infidelity but still.
When it comes to planning my evenings and weekends, the first thing that comes to mind is me, not us. I think of the chores I want to get done, the things I need to do and so on. The only time I think of something together, is when I need his help doing something. If I need to do some yard work, then the him and me time will come into play. Other than that, I only think of what I am doing.
I never put timelines on our relationship, only on my life. It’s no secret to my friends and family that I don’t feel the need to get married. I do however want to have kids. So I have been harping on my boyfriend about the year I want to have a kid. I told him and he would say, “ok, we’ll see” and so on. But never did it occur to me to ask him when he wants to have kids. And since I need him to have a baby and raise it, that’s something I should consider.
If we are doing something like watching a movie on the couch or driving in the car and talking to one another, I will almost always have my phone out. Like most people, I look at my phone while I do other things. Who doesn’t watch TV and look at their phone at the same time? It almost feels weird not to multi-task at this point. But I didn’t realize that by checking my phone, I was withdrawing myself from the present. I wasn’t focused on the movie we were supposed to be watching together. I wasn’t paying full attention to what he was saying while we were in the car.

        Not only do I only think of myself when I am in a relationship, I assume everything. I assume he will be mad at me if I do something. I assume he won’t be able to make it to an event I am attending or even want to go in the first place. I assume how he will feel about something, and 9 times out of 10, I am wrong. It took him telling me this to realize that I assume situations in my head and project them without seeing what’s in front of me first. Making these assumptions are part of why I feel more invested in myself than in the relationship, I assume the worst.

        If this sounds anything like you, awesome! That means I am not alone! But also, it doesn’t mean you can’t change. But if you are really struggling with giving more of yourself in a relationship, it probably means you are not in the right relationship or it’s just not the right time in your life to be with that person. That’s a tough decision to make and one that we all have to wrestle with when we think about the person we are with. Because I value the relationship I am in and want it to work, I decided to let some of my guard down and care less about myself. It’s been a few weeks now and I can say we are doing great.
The first big challenge I had was giving up my Saturday. My weekends are planned down to the hour, because I really value that time off. So I schedule all my tasks and excursions very carefully. So when Labor Day weekend came this year, you know I had a full schedule in my head of all the things I wanted to do, of course they revolved around me and what I wanted to do. So when my boyfriend woke up Saturday morning and said he thought we should go to the Museum of Science and Industry for the day, my stomach almost dropped. My gut instinct was to say no. I am not exactly the best at spontaneity, plus heading to a museum in Chicago on the weekend sounded like a lot of time and effort that I didn’t want to deal with. So I didn’t say no right away, I said maybe. But I knew I should go, because while it’s important to keep up your house, your health and other things like that, it’s important to keep up with your relationship. Since I could tell he really wanted to go, I went. I was stressed for much of the day, getting out of my comfort zone. I took a Xanax (I have a prescription for panic attacks, which I get often) and was finely able to enjoy the day. We ended up having a great time and I even got him to go to this gastro-pub restaurant that I assumed he would hate. He loved the food and I love spending the day with him.
Now that doesn’t mean I am completely cured and ready to be the best girlfriend ever. I may never be that, but I am taking steps. No more assumptions and when we are having dinner or idly chatting in the car, my phone is put away.

By Bianca


Everyone always asks me how do you stay so organized with your full time job, two part-time jobs, co-managing a blog and managing your personal life cleaning, cooking, taking care of the dog, paying bills etc. Well, how I would respond is I am a list. I compile a couple lists to help manage my day, week and month. It not only helps me narrow down important things but it also helps me manage my daily life. Here is how lists help you with your Organization, Improved Memory, Productivity, Motivation.


One of the most important reasons to keep lists is to help you stay organized. Organizing your tasks both work and in your personal life will help you manage your life and feel more in control. Seeing a clear outline of what you want to get done that day as well as the tasks you haven’t completed yet will help you stay focused and feel much more organized.

Improved Memory

I am forgetful which is why I make lists. If I make those lists I have no reason to forget a task, ingredient, activity, etc. My forgetfulness has improved 110% since I started making task lists in college!


Making lists are just a productive way to live your life in general. Knowing what you need to get done that day when you wake up and what you have accomplished that day will keep you constantly motivated.


I make my lists into a game to stay motivated. I want to be able to cross off everything on my list at the end of the day and feel that accomplished feel. Using your pen and crossing off each task on your list is amazing!

Time Saver

If you know what you need to get done that day/week you will be able to manage your time better so that you can get your tasks accomplished throughout the day. This will help you not feel as rushed in life as well!


Lists At Work

At my full time job I am already micro managed where I have certain things I need to complete throughout my day. But, being the person I am, I am involved in committees and also am required to do certain things weekly or monthly in regards to running special reports, putting PowerPoint presentations together etc. I manage each day with a list of things I would like to get done that day. I keep the things that I don’t have to get done exactly that day towards the bottom. I am an early bird which helps but really I kind of think of it as a game that I want to complete everything on that list as fast as I can that day. If for some reason I can’t get to it all and the last items on my list aren’t required to be done that day. I stick them on a post-itnote for the next day so when I walk in, in the  morning I know what I need to get done that day.

Lists In My Personal Life

I am pretty old school and actually use a planner. I think it is the fact that I know it will never fail me. Technology can always fail you at the flip of a switch and that would worry me having my whole life planned out in something that could just fail me. I also like using my planner because I can then make my little 3 most important task lists each day. Things that I would like to get accomplished each day throughout my day. For instance, I will write put dishes away,  choreography classes and upload pictures to blog. Nothing that is life or death if I don’t complete, but it is very rewarding to cross off at the end of the day and know that you don’t have to push those tasks over to the next day for completion. Everything else seems to fall into place if I do that.Trust me you will sleep better at night!

Long Term List

Although this isn’t a necessity, I think it is helpful managing a weekly or monthly work/task load so that you can help yourself manage time around your personal schedule. You obviously don’t want to give yourself  a shit ton of tasks to do on a weekend of a special event or on a Sunday where you know you are going to be hungover..planning ahead will also help you stay organized and help you save time!

What to Do

1. Keep a daily planner- Old school printed planner or phone/tablet electronic planner. Either way works!

2.Be Flexible- Keep your list to 3 important tasks a day. If you can’t get to the others they can be pushed to the following day. No sweat!

3.Keep it Simple. There is no point wasting what little time you have to write down every little detail of that individual task

4. Time Limit- Give yourself a time limit for each task. You will never get your list done if you take hours to complete each task. If you don’t complete it finish it later that day or push it over to the following day’s tasks.

What not to do

1.Make too many list- This will confuse you because you will be less organized deciding on what is more important that other tasks.

2.Don’t make your lists too long- Be realistic and don’t try to kill yourself completing a billion task all in one day.

3.Stress- Your lists are to help you organize your day and help keep you motivated they aren’t suppose to be a negative tool.

4.Don’t Lose your Lists!!!

Don’t try to wing it. Set goals as tasks and make lists. Using a manageable list is an efficient system that works to keep you Organized, but it will also help you manage time, improve your memory, stay productive and keep you motivated during your day and over your week. Keep positive and get ready to start crossing off your lists today!




Harvest Turkey Orecchiette -

It’s officially that odd time of year when it’s not quite fall and not quite summer. Its sall, or fummer. It’s hot as hell all day but the sun goes down and it’s chilly. So dinner time ideas are always vexing this time of year, do I go with something hearty for the cold weather or light and colorful for the warm weather. Luckily, I have a recipe for both fall and summer. It uses fall and summer vegetables and it light but also served as a hearty dish.

When I was growing up my mom would make the most colorful orecchiette dish that was sooo good. She used swiss chard and red pepper to make a perfect midsummer pasta dish. Whenever I make orecchiette I think of that dish. But I wanted to add some sort of protein so my boyfriend had nothing to complain about with this meal.

Now, from the pictures with might look simple, and that’s the point. It’s easy to make and packs a flavorful punch. My boyfriend said it was one of his favorite pasta dishes. It’s a great summer to fall dish because you can put your harvest vegetables to use, who doesn’t have a fresh zucchini laying around this time of year?


1 box orecchiette

1 pound ground turkey

3 gloves garlic, chopped

1/2 onion chopped

1 can fire roasted tomatoes

1 medium zucchini

1 medium yellow squash

1 large red pepper

2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil

garlic salt

shredded parmesan cheese

crushed red pepper

salt, pepper, olive oil


Preheat oven 375. Slice zucchini, squash and red pepper into thin slices. I cut my zucchini and squash into half circles and the red pepper in thin slivers. Lay out vegetable evenly on a greased baking pan and sprinkle with garlic salt. Place in oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, flip vegetables over and place back in over for 15 minutes.

Heat 1-2 tablespoons olive oil over medium heat in large saucepan. Add onion and garlic and to sauce pan and saute 3-5 minutes. Add in ground turkey and cook for about 5-7 minutes until halfway brown. Add canned fire roasted tomatoes and continue to cook over medium heat.

Meanwhile bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook orecchiette according to package directions

When turkey is done, add to large bowl. Combine with cooked orecchiette and roasted vegetables and stir well. Sprinkle a handful of shredded parmesan cheese and tablespoon of crushed red pepper.

Harvest Turkey Orecchiette -

Serve with a tasty salad and enjoy!

By Bianca


Style of the Week- Inner Ballerina- Grabbinglapel,

When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait to come home from school and put on my tutu! As you can tell I was in love with being a ballerina. The tutu skirt allows us to go back to our youth and embody that inner little girl! I also feel like I am embodying a little Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and the City, since her unique tutu skirts made the trend rather famous!

Style of the Week- Inner Ballerina- Grabbinglapel,

Picture Credit from: dianalively

I recently purchased my Joey Pale Pink tutu skirt from Amazon; yes Amazon! PS it was very affordable too! I added my black and white flannel button up from Target to make the skirt a little more casual for work.  I then added my Impo Stretch black kitten heels from TJ Maxx.

Style of the Week- Inner Ballerina-

I then topped my outfit off by accessorizing with my pink and gold flower earrings, that I got as a gift from boyfriend’s mom a couple years ago.

Style of the Week- Inner Ballerina-

This outfit is perfect for any season, since you can wear more layers on top and your legs are fully covered! You can also dress the skirt up and down by wearing a more casual top or shoe.

Style of the Week- Inner Ballerina-

I can’t wait to play with this skirt and wear it a few different ways, in the next couple of weeks!

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Happy Tuesday, I already made $12 this morning! Not a lot but it’s enough for lunch. I sold an item on Poshmark last night and dropped it in my mailbox this morning. It was a dress I bought maybe a year ago, wore it once and decided it was not for me. I listed it on Poshmark about a week ago, and now it’s on its way to its new home! So since I love using Poshmark, I thought I would do a post all about it today!

Poshmark is an app where you can list clothes, jewelry and accessories for sale. You can also buy used and new items listed by other sellers. As a seller, you have what’s called a Closet. It’s basically your storefront. It’s where you list all your items. You get sales by acquring followers. Followers get items from your closet listed on their feed. You can also sell your items when a shopper searches for the brand or style you listed.

The fun part is that it is all done through your phone! No uploading pictures to your computer and waiting for approval. Simple snap a pic and save!

Poshmark Review -

Poshmark Parties are a great way to shop collections.

As a seller, you can interact with potential shoppers. It’s actually encouraged. When someone likes the item you listed or asks a question about it, you can easily respond back to them in an open forum.

You can change the price whenever you want. Let’s say you have an item that has a lot of likes but has not sold, you might want to try lowering the price. Whenever you lower the price of an item, anyone who has liked it in the past is notified. And the shipping cost is also reduced for an hour after you have lowered the price of your item. That incentivizes your followers to buy even more!

It’s a social app. The app really encourages you to participate. It holds daily sales called Posh Parties where the app collects items with the same theme like the brand or the style type and has the items put together in a collection to be featured.

You can share other people’s items. Let’s say you really like something and while you don’t want to buy it, you think someone should, you can share any listing you want with your followers. Also let’s say you list a lot of the same brand or style, you can share similar items from other closet’s to your followers. It keeps your followers engaged and helps out the other seller. You can also share items on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Getting followers is easy. All you have to do is starting listing items and engaging with other sellers. I have gotten so many followers just by sharing other people’s listings and liking other items.

Shipping is included. When you sell an item, all you have to do is print the postage,  package the items and put it in your mailbox. Done! The app also reminds you to be kind and ship on time, if you don’t you will be bothered by the app and the person waiting on their item. All items sold are shipped 2-day priority.

You can trade. Trades are welcome, but you have to be vocal about. Let shoppers know you are willing to trade and if you want to trade with someone else, simply comment on their listing.

Poshmark Review -

Shop by brands on Poshmark

You can save and bundle. If you love more than one thing in someone’s closet, you can add multiple items into one order and save money! Sometimes sellers will give you a bundle deal and shipping cost is cut down. If you want to try and save money on one ite,, you can haggle. Offer the seller another price in the comments section under the items and see what they say. You never know until you ask.

You keep 80% of the sale. For items listed under $15, Poshmark keeps only $2.95 of that sale. If your item is listed over $15, Poshmark keeps 20% and you get the rest.

You don’t have to be your customer service. Have an issue with a sale? Report to Poshmark and they will handle everything! There is no need to reach out to the seller or buyer, let Poshmark do the work!

It’s incredibly easy to use. Simple snap a picture on your phone, add a brief description and list.


I started using Poshmark because I realized I had a lot of items  in my closet that were like new. I only wore them once or maybe never wore them. So I wanted to sell them for a discounted price. I also wanted to make extra cash, because who says no to a few extra bucks each month? It’s also a great way to trade items you don’t want for ones you do want. When you sell items, use your cash earnings as credit to buy other items on Poshmark

Poshmark Review -

Above is a screenshot of some familar places on the app. On the far left you have your news feed as a seller. It tells you who is now following you, what parties are happening, who bought what and if anyone left you comments or offers.

In the center is your feed as a shopper. Her you can see new listings from the Closet’s you following and brands you like.

On the right is my shop. You can see all your listings from your closet, including the items that have sold.

So far, I have only sold 3 items. Sales come in fast, especially when you list your items competitively. I’ve had more luck selling items on Poshmark than I have on Tradesy, which I also love! Poshmark I love to use because it’s all done through the app. Also the shipping label it ready as soon as an item is sold. All you have to do is package and print and let the postman take care of the rest.

Download the Poshmark app today and get selling!

By Bianca


If you have a four-legged baby, you know that dogs are very active, both mentally and physically. Whether they are a puppy or a senior, they need exercise as well as brain stimulation to grow.

According to recent scientific studies, “the average dog has the equivalent intelligence level of a two-year-old human child.” Which means you need to constantly entertain them and help them burn off some energy. While this can be easy during the summer, sometimes the cold fall/winter weather doesn’t give your dog much options. Well, look no further because these entertaining games can be played all year round!

Here are 12 DIY games that are cheap, only require a few materials and can be used with regular house hold items!

Muffin Tin Brain Game

Place the doggie treats randomly throughout the muffin pan. Cover each cup with a tennis ball. Allow your doggie to use his or her nose to find the hidden treats!

DIY Doggie Games-

Credit from:

Magic Cups

Your doggie will be challenged with this mind game! Put ball or treat under a couple red solo cups, move the cups around and let your dog use his senses to find the hidden ball/treat.

DIY Doggie Games-

Credit from:

Iced Dog Toys

This game is obviously perfert for summer! Freeze your dogs favorite chew toys with a mix of water and chicken broth!

Hide and Seek

Pretty  much the same game you would play with a toddler but use boxes and with treats instead!

T-shirt Water Bottle

Dogs love the texture and the crinkly noise the water bottle makes when they bite it!

Sling Shot Ball

Too lazy to throw the ball? Make this sling shot ball so that the ball can easily be launched up to 300 ft.

T-Shirt Ball

Put your old t-shirts to good use by cutting the them into strips and sticking them in these rubber geo balls.

Dog Friendly Popsicles

Not only is this a yummy summer treat, but it will entertain your dog longer rather than just giving them a doggie treat!

Treat Ball Puzzle

My dog, Kip,  doesn’t really like balls, but I think he would love this game. It is like a cheap version of a Kong Toy.

Rope Ring

Super cheap and will be super hard for your dog to chew through! Perfect for the chewers that need a durable toy!

Denim Knot

Another great way to use those old pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore…shhh!

T-shirt Frisbee

This Frisbee is softer and better for your dogs teeth! Again re-purposing those old stained and unused t-shirts!




Happy Friday adults! Look at you, driving to work, paying bills, being a big kid! It sucks right? And we are not in college anymore folks. But since it is coming on fall and school is starting, let’s take a minute to appreciate college. Both Britt and Bianca have been years out of college already, but we still think about the fun times we had. As I am sure all of you do as well. While we had different experiences, Britt living in a college town at Southern Illinois University and Bianca going to a downtown Atlanta campus at Georgia State University, we both miss some things about college.

B vs B - What We Miss about College



B vs B - What We Miss about College

Making Your Own Schedule

A lot of times we forget that we were able to choose what time and what day we took classes. Like what a freaking luxury is that! I would love to be able to schedule my work week the way I would schedule my classses. I remember I used to schedule my classes around Oprah, oh jeez does that age me? Yes, Oprah still had a talk show when I was in college and I did not miss it! It was also a major bonus being able to opt out of Friday all together. Don’t want class on Friday? Easy, done.

Having Social Time Everyday

In between classes and what not, you could always hang out with your friends. You could chill with your roommates or meet friends somewhere to day drink. Now, you are an adult. You go from home to work to home to work. College days were a lot of times unpredictable based on who you ran in to. It’s a bummer not being able to hang out with your friends everyday. There aren’t as many theme parties when you are an adult and there is for sure not a lot of time to hang out doing nothing.


B vs B - What We Miss about College

Close Proximity

When you think of it college is really your own little society. It is thousands of young individuals, in one area both on and off campus, within a small radius. Everyone and everything is rather easily accessible by foot or short car/scooter/bus ride. You are able to walk to see your friends, shop, go to your classes and of course walk to and from the bar. I miss being able to see all of my friends all the time! See you in five minutes isn’t used in my vocabulary lately! Now, due to the adult lifestyle and everyone going in different directions across the US I have to call them and rarely have the chance even to see them on a yearly basis which is sad!

Even walking to and from classes was great exercise. It was also a nice way to enjoy the beauty of campus!

I also miss being able to be care free about walking home after drinking. Now days you have to either have a DD in the group or catch and Uber… I really do miss being close to everything and now having to rely on a car to get you there!

Game Day Spirit

Game Day was the day when no matter what grade you were in, what major or where you lived on campus you all joined to root on your college team! Everyone is wearing school colors, cheering and of course having some adult beverages. School pride at it’s finest!

Since I was on the dance team I LOVED game day both basketball and football! Being able to be part of the festivities dancing with the band during the tailgate was a blast! I also really really miss getting to dance during the games and during halftime. All of your classmates were there cheering on the team and participating in the event. It was fun being part of the experience and getting a front row seat to all the games. Game Day was the days I lived for in college and of course a Win at the end of the day made the nightlife party festivities that much better!

I know you can go back to college and tailgate and go to games as an alumni for Homecoming, but let’s be serious, it’s not the same. You are now the “old people” visiting campus…


Bianca & Britt


In honor of National Beer Lover’s Day, yesterday I wanted to compile a few beer cocktails that will help us get over our summertime sadness! These would make amazing signature cocktails for an end of summer BBQ, picnic or summer event!

Steak Island Beer

This beers cocktail would be amazing with a steak! Hint hint it includes bell peppers and A1 steak sauce which would pair great!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-


As much as I personally hate bananas I am sure most people would love this mixture! I would think very similar to a banana beer porter.

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

Better Than Cream Soda Rhubarb Cocktail

Who doesn’t love cream soda?

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

Beer Margarita

Very tropical and perfect for the end of summer!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

The Forge’s Hopping Berry

Not only is it a fun color but it sounds delicious!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

The Dirty Flower

Sounds “dirty’ but the ingredients are fresh, we promise!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

Grid Iron Punch

Bring on tailgating with this beer cocktail! It is super easy to make in bulk as well!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

Smoky Beer Sangria

Think bloody Mary had kids with beer!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

Lambic Sangria

Refreshing way to finish off summer strong!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-

The Pineapple Hop

Perfect party drink for an end of the summer BBQ!

Thirsty Thursday- End of the Summer Beer Cocktails-




Hanger FINAL

Style of the week -

I know it’s still technically summertime but I rock the scarves all year long. I love scarves for all seasons because they add flair to any look and are easy to wear.

Today’s look is brought to you by my love of scarves and my favorite summer time staple, the maxi skirt.

A simple black maxi skirt is my summertime essential. You can dress it up or down. For today’s look I matched it with a crisp button up shirt with rolled sleeves. I could have stopped there but wanted to add the scarf for color and texture. A scarf like this green and leopard print makes other things pop, like my gold cuff. It’s incredibly lightweight so you can wear it any season.

Shop the look here:

By Bianca


As you learned from the  Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration last week, glamping is the new thing (short for glamorous camping). It is a luxurious experience while enjoying outdoors whether it is in a tent, camper or even in a rustic cabin in the woods. While you can take the bridal shower route for this theme, the bachelorette party inspiration is much more thrilling!  Make sure you have plenty of comfy pillows, cute blankets, candles and of course your favorite flannel and Uggs. Sharing scary stories and singing around a campfire and of course plenty of alcohol!Here is a link to the best glamping locations world wide!

This does not have to be roughing it in the woods with one roll of toilet paper (unless that’s your kind of thing). Glamping is much more, well, glamorous. We’re talking luxury in the great outdoors with tee pee’s, high-end tents, beds, and often modern amenities such as A/C and running water. Getting back to nature with your girlfriends is a relaxing escape from wedding planning and a wonderful time to recharge and reconnect.


Just like I said for the bridal party, the invitation sets the tone of the theme. Although, Bachelorette parties are a lot less formal and usually the guests are more tech savvy to understand how to use a event website like or  Facebook message. Either way this option will save you money on ordering the invites and paying for postage.

If you plan on doing a destination, like Colorado, make sure you plan about a year ahead and give the girls some options on dates so everyone can attend. Also, keep in mind the time of year so that you girls aren’t too cold camping or too damn hot!


Glamping- Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Bride Backpack, Monogram Flannel, monogram camping chair

Click here to make your own Bride to be Bag!


Make all your guests think they are going back to camp with mini flashlights, matching shirts and over night gift bags!

Even a guestbook for the weekend would be fun where everyone could contribute little jokes, thoughts and stories about your stay with pictures!

Glamping- Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

mini pink flashlight, shirts, Bride tribe kooziesGlamping Over Night Gift Bags


Make sure you have music, campfire and of course other glamorous items such as floral chairs, and creative tee pees! Try to get battery powered twinkly lights to add some ambiance to your campsite or in your cabin if you decided not to rough it!
Glamping- Bachelorette Party Inspiration-

Wooden sign- EtsyPillows, DIY Car tent/tee pee, Floral Canteens Target


Smores station, grill food like pigs in a blanket, burger bar and plenty of trailmix!

Here is a list of some amazing ideas!


I would have to say sangria or punch would be the way to go! It can be made in bulk and be stored easily in a cooler! You could also just keep it simple and just have beer if the bride is that type of girl!


The opportunities are endless! You could actually camp with your girls in the woods, or think outside the box and go on hot air balloon ride, four wheeler ride or bike trip. Just remember if you are doing anything physically and drinking, be safe and wear a helmet! Even hanging a sheet in the backyard and renting a projector to watch a movie would be fun!

Another non-traditional game is a sexy treasure hunt around your campsite. Having items such as lacey undies, fuzzy handcuffs or other toys in the area will make for a fun pre-campfire activity.

Click here for more bachelorette party inspirations.




Do you have an outdoorsy bride? Well glamping is a new high-end trend which is short for glamorous camping! It is basically pretty tents, yummy finger snacks and of course set around a campfire with your favorite girls! Think of it as more of a luxurious experience, where you would be in a vintage trailer, rent a rustic cabin in the woods or even be set up in your backyard! Let your location set the theme! Think mani pedis in the woods with comfy blankets, cute tee pee tents, candles and of course s ‘mores around the campfire! Getting back to nature with your best girls will be the relaxing escape that every bride needs before their BIG day!


Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration-

1. Nine Eighteen Design 2.Etsy 3. Etsy


Keep it to finger food and dishes that can be made over a campfire, on a grill or on a skillet!

Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration-



This might be hard to do if you are really doing an outdoor camping bridal shower, but if you are doing it in a rustic cabin or in your backyard, here are two lovely tables. Your main food set up should display all of your yummy camping food. Guests should be  using camping tin plates, using mason jars to drink and have a rustic feel . Even a wood carving with the couple’s initials would be lovely!

Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration-


Let the wilderness set the tone for the party and be the main part of the decorations! This will make it super easy on you. Now, if you are doing a glamping theme in your backyard, outside a trailer or in a rustic hotel then maybe you will need a few decorations like some gas laterns, mason jars, flannel table covering and even an indoor tent or tee pee.  Regardless what direction you want to go, make sure that the blankets and throw pillows are mismatched, there is plenty of food, drinks and of course it feels like you are glamping!

Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration-

Trailer- mywedding, Tee Pee- scribblemehappy


Again if you are really camping out in the wilderness, this will be hard one, but if you do have a chance to decorate a tablescape here are some beautiful inspirations!

Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration-

Tee pee Table- weddbook, Middle tablescapes- brideside, Right Tablescape- weddingomania


You could play traditional games during a glamping lunch in or you could actually go out in the wilderness and do activities together as a group such as go on a hike, go fishing, or even spend the night outdoors underneath the stars!


All of these ideas would make great party favors for all your guests! They are creative and go directly with the theme of glamping!

Glamping Bridal Shower Inspiration-

Smores soap Etsy, Take home s’more Etsy

For more creative Bridal Shower Ideas, click here!




Coconut Blackberry Smoothie Recipe - Vegan and healthy!

You know there is no secret to making a good smoothie? It really depends on what you prefer for flavors and texture. A lot of times smoothies don’t have dairy or include more fruits and veggies than they do liquids. It’s taken a lot of smoothie making to realize what I do and do not like. One thing I like in theory are things like chia seeds in my smoothie, but when I add it, the little seeds get stuck in my teeth. They even sometimes gather around the sides of the blender and get stuck in my straw. So I’ve scrapped the chia seeds.

This is a special discovery of a smoothie. I set out to create a coconut milk and green tea smoothie. I envisioned a green fluffy drink with dusted coconut flakes on top. So I made it. And guess what…it sucked. I kept drinking it thinking, ok I can see how this might work, but I would not pay for this drink. It was simply missing something. So after taking inventory of the fresh fruit I had on hand, I decided to go with blackberries. I was worried it would clash with the already green smoothie and make a weird brown color. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Had I overdone it on the blackberries, that might have been a different story.

So once I made the smoothie and then added the blackberries after, I loved the smoothie! It was a crisp summer flavor, that I really could not get enough of. I was so excited to share it! For the yogurt base I used Silk Vanilla, one of the best non-dairy yogurts out there if not the best and canned coconut milk. The matcha powder gives you caffeine for an extra boost and the rest of it is all dairy free. So this smoothie is vegan, healthy and delicious.


1/4th cup vanilla yogurt

3/4th cup coconut milk

1/4th cup matcha green tea powder

1 banana

1 tbs agave nectar

5-7 large blackberries

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

By Bianca


Style of the Week- Bodycon Appropriate-

Today I decided to think outside the box and make a sexy bodycon dress work appropriate and actually rather professionally polished! With that said, I started off my outfit with my Forever21 black bodycon dress. As we all know these dresses are tight, sexy and not very appropriate for most professional occasions. Well, today I decided to change that thinking!

Style of the Week- Bodycon Appropriate-

To make the outfit more work appropriate I added my floral button-up, I got from TJ Maxx, to act more so as a top and then the dress would be an undershirt and skirt! Since the top is see through and has pops of colors it blends well with the dress underneath. I have already gotten numerous compliments on the attire and people asking me if it is a dress or skirt!

Style of the Week- Bodycon Appropriate-

To top off the outfit I added my Levity suede and leather peep toe heels and kept hair, makeup and accessories simple! I added a light purple lip to add a little color to my face as well as complIment the floral pattern and it’s colors.

Style of the Week- Bodycon Appropriate-

This outfit can be worn to a cocktail hour, work or even a professional event. I feel sexy, yet conservative and polished!

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